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Every hat tells the story of millions of broken lives Victims share their stories

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Victims share their stories
What is an act of torture>?

What is an act of torture?

United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1 The term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed... More informations
AfzalBangladeshAfzal, 44, journalist from Bangladesh. In March 2016, Afzal was shot eight times in the leg by a police officer after filming political candidates from the ruling party stuffing ballots. As a human rights activist and correspondent for a local television channel, Afzal covered elections at the Rajapur government primary school polling station. With his video camera, he recorded candidates stuffing ballots and rigging votes. The scandal triggered a wave of protests across Rajapur, many resulting in violent clashes between demonstrators and police forces. It was during one of these protests that Afzal was shot in the leg eight times by a police officer. Other journalists at the scene escorted Afzal to a nearby hospital for initial treatment... (show more)

To learn how OMCT is trying to help Afzal, read:
MoulikaBéninMoulika, 3, Benin: was raped in 2015 by an inmate while her mother, with whom she was incarcerated, left her for a moment. The Beninese authorities’ failure to ensure maternal and infant protection for prisoners makes this an act of torture. Benin is home to a correctional system where minors are required to serve prison sentences alongside their convicted mothers. Although correctional facilities are typically seperated on the basis of sex, widespread corruption often allows men to get the older inmates (who are given roles akin to that of prison guards) to gain access to female wards.

To learn more about what OMCT does to help children in detention in Benin, read:
MartinThe PhilippinesMartin, 15: in February 2015, was arrested and then electrocuted by local police for stealing a mobile phone without the use of violence. Under interrogation, Martin was suspended over a puddle of water, barefoot, hanging by the arms from a metal pipe. If he let go of the pipe, his feet would come into contact with water, sending powerful electric charges through his body. Martin remains incarcerated to this very day.

For more information about juvenile justice in the Philippines, ready the last report OMCT submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture:
CélineDRCCeline, 17, Democratic Republic of Congo: in 2006, was burned with cigarette butts, beaten and raped by two men – all with the knowledge and consent of police.Céline and a friend were walking home from evening prayer when five men approached them. They restrained Céline and burned her with cigarettes,while her friend was forced to run away. Shortly after, two of the men, who seemed to know the police officers, were seen by police dragging Céline down the road.Yet the police did not apprehend or arrest them, when they took Céline behind a store and raped her. The police later arrested one of the culprits and thenrelease him. He threatened Céline and went on to raping another 17-year-old girl...(show more)